The New Forums and some informations.

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The New Forums and some informations.

Postby Gau » Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:32 am

Hi there people

just to people know the avatars will have to be reloaded here is the avatar informations
from the board so you know what it has to be the theme requires these settings to keep
the boards aspect ratio when posting.
1544 Bytes
120 X 120 pix

or you can always look at the new gallery :)
ejoy all.....

New smileys added to :P loads some on th equik menu :character-yoshi: :character-megaman: :text-threadjacked: :text-link: :violence-xloc: :violence-uzi: :violence-instagib: :violence-snipersmiley: :violence-telefrag: @onion1@ @onion2@ @onion15@ @onion14@ @onion13@ @onion10@ @onion7@ @onion22@ @onion30@
as just a few to view

Edit; Just to let you all knowfor some reson the stay logged in feature is not working right atm it is limeted to arround 2 hours working on that.

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